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Meat the Founders

Much More Than Your Average BBQ

We are Not Just Q – we are BBQ. When you visit our BBQ food truck or let us cater your event, you’ve signed up to your taste buds feeling sensations never felt before! Our BBQ food truck serves Dallas, Fort Worth, TX, and surrounding areas astonishing, authentic barbeque food.

In order to deliver the best experience when it comes to BBQ, we take pride in our master chef and part-owner, Chef Eric, mastering and perfecting the art of smoking meat. With meats smoked for hours and sides made from scratch, trust us to show you what real BBQ tastes like.

Meat Eric

The Passion

Being raised by a single dad, Chef Eric looked up to his father in a bunch of ways, his hard hat mentality, his love for his family, and his talents in the kitchen. At an early age, Chef started to pick up the art of BBQ from his dad; since then, he has created his own identity in BBQ but has never forgotten where his roots lay.

The Meat

Going on scheduled three meat drop-offs, I arrive at this house in the suburbs and am greeted at the door by a huge human being. While setting up the cater in his yard, he tells me about the first time he came up to the truck and how unforgettable it was. The impression I made that day landed me at David’s home for his birthday cater and was the start of a partnership that has been great ever since. Knowing nothing about his NFL career or background, I take pride in giving every customer superb treatment and the best product I can produce.

The Vision

Having the opportunity to touch lives through my craft is what I get out of bed for, and after all these years, I can honestly say it never gets old for me. I love what I do and why I do it, so as long as I am able to put superior food in front of satisfied faces, there is no place I’d rather be. In my eyes, the sky is the limit for Not Just Q, and we look to reach that height one belly at a time.

Master Chef Eric | BBQ Food Truck in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX | Not Just Q
BBQ Food Truck in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX | Not Just Q

Meat David

The Passion

My BBQ roots go back to the days of my dad being known as Mr. BBQ in the small town I grew up in. Those were the days that lit my fire, and I’ve been adding wood to that fire ever since. As a three-sport athlete in high school, I was no stranger to big eating, and if all three meals in my day were BBQ, I’d be a happy camper!

The Journey

During my nine years in the NFL, there were a ton of different business opportunities, but the one that always played in my head was being a part of a famous BBQ restaurant. One thing about good BBQ is that you get an immediate response, and when you’re lighting up faces and filling up bellies, there is no better feeling.

The Meat

Towards the end of my NFL career, it was time for me to start thinking about life after football. While walking out of a location in Dallas, TX, the smell of oak wood and fresh Que slapped me in the nose. I approached the truck run by Chef/Partner Eric Hansen and asked him, “What’s the best thing you got on the pit?” Of course, he replied with “everything,” and because that statement couldn’t have been more true is the reason we are partners today.

The Vision

Not Just Q looks to expand based on the demand of the people because that is who we do it for. We pride ourselves on delivering 5 star BBQ and 5-star service, no matter the party size. The day you can no longer taste our love, time, and passion in our food is the day we will shut our doors. So we will be seeing you around for many, many years to come.

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